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Revealed & reviewed – Hornet Special chassis for 1934

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The Light Car & Cyclecar published a short article reviewing the revised Hornet Special chassis for 1934, in their October 6th 1933 ‘First Show Number’ edition; the updated chassis making its debut at the Olympia, London Motor Show. This article now resides in the Hornet Specials section of the website’s Member’s Area. In addition, an extract from the 1934 Wolseley range brochure has also been uploaded detailing the Hornet Special’s full specification.

McEvoy RC 300 Tribute

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The Competion Minors page within the Member’s area of the website has been updated with the inclusion of two galleries dedicated to the 1932 RAC Rally car, McEvoy Minor Le Mans Model 70, RC 300. The galleries include a number of previously unpublished images of the car.

Thoresby images added…

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Just six Minors made it to Thoresby for the annual Morris Register Rally held over the weekend of 11th & 12th August. Three further cars were scheduled to attend but failed to attend. Of the six attendeecars, three picked up awards from the judges, so congratulations to messrs, Robinson, Hills & Paternoster. A small gallery of images taken at the event by Tony Gamble and Martin Gregory has been added to the foot of this page.

Another Hornet Specials article added…

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Throughout the early thirties the coachbuilding trade produced a plethora of bodies for the very popular Wolseley Hornet chassis. In order to keep the buying public abreast of the range of bodies available the predominant motoring magazines of the period regularly produced articles on the topic. The latest of these has been added to the Wolseley Hornet ‘Sports’ & ‘Specials’ page in the Member’s Area of the site. This one is dated April 1932 and appeared in The Motor magazine and can be found under a blue button towards the top of the page.

March 1931 ‘Motor’ Hornet Specials article added.

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Early Hornet Specials

By March 1931 over a dozen coachbuilders were producing an extensive range of bodies for the Hornet chassis – a car that had been launched just eleven months previously. The Motor magazine’s three page article can now be found under a red button on The Hornet Specials page within the Member’s Area of the site.

Forum access

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It’s clear that not all forum members have managed to regain access following last week’s ‘outage’. If this applies to you, please email the webmaster at and every effort will be made to assist.

Peter Hills technical articles added

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A series of six technical articles written by Peter Hills  are all now resident in the Technical section within the Member’s Area of the website. Peter is best known in Minor circles for his heroic restoration of a 1929 Minor Tourer that had been long abandoned in the African bush. The articles, which were first published in the Vintage Minor Register magazine, cover the following topics: Returning brake drums to standard, Upgrading the clutch thrust race, Refurbishing the 29-31 Smiths speedometer, LED replacement lighting, Reconditioning the OHC Minor dynamo and Vintage car hibernation. Grateful thanks goes to Peter for permitting their availability to Network members.

Forum ‘down’.

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The website’s Discussion Forum remains unavailable – Awaiting contact from the domain rights holder.

Event gallery updated

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There was a small Minor contingent at the 2018 LC&ES Summer Rally based upon Church Stretton in Shropshire. Peter Stubberfield‘s beautiful 1929 Tourer (VF 6700) was present as was Clive Hamilton-Gould‘s 1930 version (DG 325). Ben Maeers was also present in Minor Tourer PG 5664.  The three images of VF 6700 appear courtesy of Mike Tebbett. Find them here.

Another technical ‘Guide’ added…

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A further ‘how to’ guide by Joe Rayner has be added to the site, this one entitled: ‘A guide to the replacement of Minor wheel studs and repair of a damaged hub‘, its title telling you all you need to know. It can be found under ‘Axles’ in the Members technical area.

SU Carb tips no.3

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The September 1937 edition of Morris Owner was the source of another useful SU carb tips advertorial, this one entitled ‘Dirt & water in the carburetter’. A PDF of the document now resides in the Technical Bits section of the Member’s Area.

Photos from VSCC’s Herefordshire trial

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Thanks to members Steven Kent and Geof Wilson for providing the latest photos for the website’s 2018 Event Galleries. Both were in attendance at the VSCC’s Herefordshire Trial held over the weekend of 17th & 18th March. See there contributionsat the foot of this page.

Three new technical articles added…

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Joe Rayner (Aka Oilyrag) has submitted three fully illustrated technical articles which have been published in the Member’s Area today. The first of these is a thorough guide to rebuilding the the three-speed Minor gearbox. In his second article he covers the tricky matter of clutch adjustment bringing some innovative thinking to the topic and comes up with a novel (and practical) solution. Finally, he tackles the replacement of the main copper oil line on the 31-34 SV Minor with a flexible hose solution. The first two articles can now be found in the ‘Gearbox’ section while the third is resident under ‘Engine’.

More SU carb’ tips…

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The second of a short series of hints and tips from The SU Co. has now been posted to the carburation section of the Technical Bits pages. It’s accompanied by a ‘Running hints in pictures’ article scanned from the June 1934 edition of  The Morris Owner entitled ‘Clearing and re-centring the jet of the SU carburetter’.

Is your SU incontinent?

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Advertisements can be informative. In 1933 the SU Company commissioned a short series, of what today would be called advertorials, in which they provided maintenance tips for users of their products. One such advertisement from the July 1933 edition of Morris Owner magazine now appears under ‘Carburation and fuel’ in the Technical Bits section of the website.

The correct way to raise ahood…

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The July 1933 edition of The Morris Owner carried a short article on the correct method of raising the hood on the Minor Two-seater (there is a wrong way!), a PDF of which now resides in the ‘Body’ section of the Technical Bits area.

Tech bits pages updated…

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The Technical Bits section within the Member’s Area has been updated with two new items. The first of these relates to the fitting of headlining to saloons and coupes (How to ‘do’ headlining) – a skill which is a black art to many while the second PDF displays more ‘Originality’ (Originality 2) images, this time relating to the 1934 Two-door Saloon model. Both items were submitted by Guy Harris, to whom grateful thanks.

Originality – 1934 Minor four-door saloon interior.

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Restorers – take note!

Thanks goes to Toby Sears for photographing the interior of an unmolested 1934 Minor Four-door Family Eight Saloon. The car had been laid-up since the sixties and has remained untouched since then. Six images can now be seen on a PDF to be found under the ‘Body’ section of the Technical Bits page, entitled Originality – 1934 Minor four-door saloon.

Hornet small & large clutches

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Hornet clutches

Exploded drawings and parts lists for both the three-speed Wolseley Hornet clutch (referred to as the ‘small clutch’ by Wolseley) and the four-speed version (‘large clutch’) are now available to view in the Member’s Area Technical Bits section of the website.

New webpage launched – ‘Competition Hornets’

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Hornets galore!

The Wolseley Hornet was a tough sporting adversary for the dominant six cylinder MG’s in the many national and club trials during the early years of the thirties decade. A new page illustrating the car’s sporting prowess can be found in the Member’s Area of the website.

2017 POTY comp – now open!

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Following-on from what has already been a momentous day for the pre-war Morris Minor I can now also announce that the 2017 POTY Competition is open for entries. The competition runs until 24th December, upon which day the winner will be announced although the entry list closes at midnight on December 20th. As in previous years LAT Images will contribute an A3 sized print selected from any of the images to be found on their website or from LAT images to be found in this website’s galleries, while Stewart Miller & Peter James Insurance will contribute a £50 voucher. It should be noted that the voucher can now be spent on any of the insurance services the group provides and not just on vehicle insurance.  The winner of course is also awarded the LAT Plate which is usually presented at our rally dinner each June. LAT have also agreed to continue as competition adjudicators and a panel of three judges will sit to select the winning image.
While the prizes may attract some to enter, the real purpose of the competition is to provide a little light relief in the run-up to the festive season. Not all of us are expert photographers but we do all share a passion for the pre-war Minor, ‘M’ Type Midget or Wolseley Hornet and no doubt have a photo or two of our cars that we particularly like. If that is the case, then submit them for entry (up to a maximum of three per individual) and they will be included in the POTY gallery. You can email them to me at or post a hard copy print (address supplied on request). If you haven’t entered in previous years but have enjoyed viewing the entries please take the time to participate this time around. I for one am looking forward to viewing your images. The webpage with rules can be found here.

Lucas ‘T’ series tail lamps…

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Lighting the rear

Peter Brock has once again provided an excellent illustrated guide, this time for the Lucas ‘T’ series of rear lamps. The single-page PDF can be found under ‘Electricals’ in the Technical section within the Member’s Area.

Codes & secrets?

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Morris Group heiroglyphics

Some of the major components on Morris, MG and Wolseley cars were stamped with a series of  numeric codes, which until recently were all something of a mystery. Sam Christie has carried out an extensive study of these codes and wrote a fascinating article for the Triple M Register’s 2016 Year Book in which he details his findings. He has permitted the article to be seen on this website where it can be found in PDF form in the Member’s Area, under Technical Bits/Miscellaneous. Many thanks Sam.

White Minor page updated…

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White Minor in post-war competition

Thanks to former White Minor owner Robert Potter and current custodian David Baldock there now exists conclusive evidence that the White Minor took part in competitive events in the post-war era. Up until recently it was believed that the car’s competitive activity ceased in 1937, but that was not the case. Three important images have been added to the galleries along with a March 2017 Morris Monthly article which provides the background detail.

New Austin Seven page

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Austin Seven page now available to view.

The new ‘Austin Seven‘ page contains four galleries of period photographs, many of which have never been previously published. The page is only available for members to view.

Dismantling a Hornet four-speed gearbox

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Hornet four-speed box

‘Thanks’ go to Hugh Barnes for providing a 1951 ‘Motoring’ magazine article which details the steps required in order to dismantle a Hornet four-speed gearbox. The article can be found in the Member’s Area, Technical Bits section of the website under the ‘Gearbox, clutch & differential’ sub-heading.

New forum platform…

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Forum update

The site’s discussion forum has been updated by Tapatalk  and has moved to new servers. Familarisation with the new layout may take a little time but patience will be rewarded as there are many subtle improvements.  Should you have difficulty logging -in to the revised forum then please email the administrator here

Hornet Specials page launched…

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A swarm of Hornets!

A new webpage celebrating the Wolseley Hornet special is launched today. The new page resides in the Member’s Area of the site and contains two galleries in which are held over 100 images of over 30+ different models.

Minors & Moths at Old Warden

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Various versions of the DeHavilland Moth were built at the company’s Stag Lane, Edgeware facility throughout the whole of the Minor’s production life. Old Warden Airfield in Bedfordshire played host to the DeHavilland Moth Club’s annual ‘Gathering of Moths’ on Sunday 31st July and members of the vintage motoring community were invited to join them. Four Minors and a number of Midgets attended while member Martin Gregory took some interesting images which are now resident at the foot of 2017 Events Gallery

A Biggles Easter adventure…

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Biggles & co. return

It was extremely unlikely that Biggles and his cohorts would reach old-age as the odds against survival were stacked against them on countless occassions throughout their illustrious service and civilian careers. That they did is something of a miracle and this latest tale from the pen of Clive Hall explains how in old age ‘Biggles lands on his feet’.

Scroll to the foot of the page and click upon the blue title button.


More technical items added…

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Sanction numbers & data sheets

Nine official Morris Motors data sheets have been added to the website’s technical area today thanks to the generosity of Dick Weeks who supplied the PDFs.The data sheet topics range from among others, CWP meshing, anti-squeal brakes and special service tools through to the care of the synchromesh gearbox.

In addition Sam Christie has compiled a spreadsheet of Wolseley sanction numbers cross referencing them to to the make and model of the vehicles to which they were originally fitted. This item can be found in the Technical bits Miscellaneous section. Thanks goes to both Dick and Sam for these contributions.

2017 Events Gallery added…

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Keep shooting…

Photographs of our Minors, Midgets and Hornets will always find a home somewhere on the website. Today we have added a new 2017 Events Gallery page where images can be grouped together. To date the new page has shots from two VSCC events with more to be added as our spring pub meets occur. The new page can be found under the appropriate drop-down menu of simply by clicking here.

Rally update…

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Rally latest

With just three months remaining before our rally over the weekend of 23rd-25th June it really is time to book! Find the entry form on our fully updated rally webpage and email it to today.

More Hornet items added…

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Hornet page updated.

A number of new items have been added to the Hornet Articles archive including Motor Sport articles and tests on the new Hornet Special chassis, Abbey Hornet tests on the Trophy and AS3 models, Hornet special coachwork as available in 1932 and Hornet Special ads as scanned from late 1931 and 1932 editions of Motor Sport.

‘Old Motor’ Hornet Specials article…

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The Hornet – saviour of the coachbuilding industry?

The Wolseley Hornet chassis was a firm favourite with coachbuilding firms during the decline of that trade throughout the thirties decade. In many cases it probably kept them in business and the some of the results of their skills can be seen and read about in a 1965 ‘Old Motor’ article which (thanks to Ken Martin) is to be found in the Articles library on the Wolseley Hornet page here.

Sat navs, flashing indicators & twelve volts…

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More electric’ery

Having found the time to revise and fully update his very successful book ‘The Complete Morris Minor‘ (for a now available second edition), author and Minorist John Nagle set about writing an article for the benefit of the member’s of the Pre-war Minor Network. Entitled ‘Sat navs, flashing indicators and twelve volts’ it covers in detail how to set about these mods on the pre-war Morris Minor. The article is now available to view and download in the Member’s section of the website and can be found in the Technical Bits area under the ‘Electrical & wiring’ tab. Thank you John.

Celebrating the White Minor

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Barbara’s steed

It was 80 years ago next June that Barbara Skinner last drove her White Minor in a competitive event. Her tragic early death aged just 30 in a wartime road traffic accident ended the possibility of further competition success once the war had ended. Thanks to David Baldock’s efforts the car is now close to its mid-thirties specification once again and a new web-page celebrating the car’s history and restoration can be found via the drop-down menu under the Member’s tab at the top of this page.

Morris paint article added…

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Adam Brown from Craftmaster Paints has written an interesting and informative article on vintage car painting and the paints to use. The article, which was written for the Bullnose Morris Club, is reproduced (with the kind permission of the author) in the Technical section of the Member’s Area and can be found under the ‘Body’ sub-heading.

Another Lucas document added to the technical section…

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Coil ignition

A new 34 page PDF has been added to the technical pages in the Electrical & Wiring section. The document comprehensively covers all aspects of coil ignition and was originally intended as an aide memoir for a Lucas correspondence course. Many thanks to Roger Lucke who scanned and submitted the document for publication on the site.

POTY Competition underway…

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Entries are now being accepted…

…for the 2016 Pre-war Minor Network Photograph of the Year Competition. A click on the red button to be found on the website header above will reveal all.

2016 Event Gallery updated…

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Yet more images

With the year drawing to a close the 2016 Event Gallery continues to grow with photos taken at events and gatherings. The latest batch are from the Home Counties Autumn Pub Meet held on 31st October.

More Service Sheets added to technical pages…

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Technical area updates

A further five Morris General Service Sheets have been added to the Technical pages. Some of these are generic and not model specific such as the sheets on ‘wheel-wobble’, the synchromesh gearbox, the SU Carburetter and anti-squeak brake remedies, while the General Data Sheet provides very useful, model specific data.

2017 Rutland Rally page launched…

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Multum in Parvo !

The 2017 Rutland Rally page has been launched today. For those anxious to book accommodation scroll to the bottom of the page to find the listing. The rally booking form will be available to download within a day or so as soon as final details are confirmed. Find the rally page here:

2017 Rally details announced…

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It’s Rutland!

Please note the dates for our 2017 Rally which is being held in and around the County of Rutland over the weekend of 23rd – 25th June. A 2017 rally page will be launched shortly containing many more details.

Pre-war Prescott images…

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2016 Events Gallery updated…

Grateful thanks to Philip Butland for providing a series of interesting images taken at the Pre-war Precott event held on 16th July. The images can be found at the foot of this page here

Temporary forum address…

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Can’t reach the forum?

The forum is temporarily unavailable via its usual address, for which apologies. In the meantime it can be accessed from here

Latest website updates…

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Recently added…

The 2016 Rally Gallery page now features some new images while the Technical Bits section now contains a new PDF in which can be found a Lucas dynamo and control box fault finding booklet which was issued to Lucas agents overseas in the thirties.

Award winners announced…

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2016 Awards

The winners of the two club awards were announced at the rally dinner held at The Crown Inn, Marnhull, Dorset on Saturday 4th June.

The Brian Maeers Jug was awarded to Arthur Bell for his enthusiastic and ‘all year round’ usage of his 1933 Saloon and for quality of the images taken on these expeditions and which subsequently appear on the forum.

The Harry Edwards Trophy went to Peter Brock from Newcastle for his many contributions to the Around the Edge Challenge which took place during the course of the spring and early summer of 2015. One such contribution involved driving solo from Newcastle to the south coast in order to complete specific sections during the course of which Peter covered 800 miles and slept in his car Minor four-door Saloon. Those taking part in The Around the Edge Challenge, of which Peter was one, helped raise in excess of £7000 for the Macmillan cancer charity.

The LAT Plate which goes to the winner of the club’s annual photographic competition was presented in the absence of 2015 winner Kartik Lunia (from Jaipur, India) to Norma Lambert who accepted it on his behalf.

The Oldest S.V. Morris Minor Saloon?

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OU 7875 (SV 252)

This 1931 Hampshire registered SV Minor Saloon was subject to a four year restoration program that commenced in 1979 and culminated in the publication of an article in the July 1983 edition of The Automobile. This Minor is yet another example of a car that is not listed by either of the main registers yet is recorded as extant on the DVLA database. How many more Minors remain unrecorded? Find the article here.

Yet more event images…

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More shots for the Event Gallery page.

Images from the first of the season’s spring pub meets, held near Reigate, Surrey have been added along with further shots from last weekend’s LC&ES Welsh Tour and Trial. View them here.

Events Gallery Updated…

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LC&ES Welsh Weekend

The VSCC’s Light Car and Edwardian Society held their annual Welsh Weekend event over 2nd & 3rd of April. Mike Tebbett editor of the Society’s magazine ‘Light Car’ kindly submitted some Minor images taken at the event which can be found here.

Interaction launched…

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Interactive posts and blogs

An element of interaction has been introduced to the website today as a trial, this being the ability of those viewing the site to leave a comment on some of the ‘posts’ or stories that appear on the home page. The trial has initially been restricted to the Triple M Corner section but should anyone wish to leave a comment about the image displayed they can now do so. Because this is on an open or public part of the website (and not the Member’s Area) these comments will initially be moderated before they appear – so if your comment doesn’t appear straight away it will be because they are waiting in a moderation queue.

More documents added…

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More Newnes articles

Newnes were prolific publishers of technical books on motoring and electronics throughout the thirties and beyond and their publications have provided a large proportion of the data held in the technical area of the site. Two more items have recently been uploaded by courtesy of Chris Healey who has contributed an item entitled  ‘Morris Minor Care & Maintenance‘ to be found in the ‘Everything Else’ section of the Technical Bits page along with ‘b’ which can be found at the foot of the Minor Story page under a red button entitled ‘The Minor within the Morris Range’.

Two more ‘Technical Bits’ articles added…

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1933 technical articles

Two more useful items have been added to the Technical Bits pages today. Both have been taken from the 1933 edition of Modern Motor Repair, published by Newnes (publishers of Practical Motorist) and appear under ‘Everything Else’ in the technical area of the site. The first of these is entitled Repair Shop Notes, while the second by R.F. Hanks is a treatise on Tuning Morris Cars. Both of these items appear on the website courtesy of Peter Brock, for which many thanks.

Further website updates

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New feature launched and archive expanded

More updates were launched today. The site now has a rolling archive where all previous posts are stored. Previously just the last five posts were available to view. This amendment is effective retrospectively – so all posts in each of the different categories (IOTW, Snippets etc) are now available to view back to the new site’s launch in early December. In addition a new home page feature entitled From The Vault will showcase an article taken from some of the hidden away places on the old website. The first in this series is an Autocar article from October 1931 detailing and comparing the Minor’s rivals, all cars being priced at £150 or under. This feature has been introduced as a result of feedback received  from a member, in this case Sam Christie, and if there is something that you would particularly like to see on the site then please send an email to and your request will be considered. To access the archive posts go to the footer at the bottom of the homepage and click upon any one of the four ‘archive’ menu items.

Website latest

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New additions to the site

Two further pages have been added to the site and can be found on the menu bar seen at the top of each site page.

In addition member Chris Healy has written and contributed an article on the refurbishment and maintenance of the Lucas C45E dynamo which can be found within the Member’s Area Technical Bits section under ‘Electrical & wiring’.

2016 Events Gallery opens

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Capturing the moment

It’s fair to say that journeys in 85 year old motor cars are significantly more memorable than those taken in the ‘modern’, most of which are forgotten within seconds of leaving the vehicle. A gathering of two or more of Minors, Midgets or Hornets is an even more significant event in the second decade of the 21st century, so capture these moments on your camera and submit them for potential inclusion in our new 2016 Events Gallery.

2016 POTY Competition.

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Rule changes required?

Although entries were slightly up for the 2015 competition fewer members took part in the voting process than in the previous two competitions, this despite forum membership growing by a third in that time. How can the competition be improved? Have your say via the sites Discussion Forum.

It’s good to be back…

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The website returns

After being unavailable for a week the site is now fully functional once again. The long period ‘off-air’ was due to the site being transferred from its old host (Easily) to its new home at 1 & 1. Unfortunately the New Year Bank Holiday conspired to hinder the move. Thanks for your patience.

Voting underway in POTY competition

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Use your vote!

Voting has commenced to find the winner in our third annual Photograph of the Year Competition. In order to cast a vote you must first be a member of our Discussion Forum. It’s a simple task to join, if you are not already a member, by clicking on the ‘Forum’ tab on the website header above. A short registration process will then follow, after which access to the forum and voting is immediate. If you have a favourite image from the POTY gallery use your vote now.

More pages added…

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A new Member’s Gallery along with LAT inspired galleries of pre-war competition Minors and Midgets can now be found on the site. A similar Hornet gallery will follow shortly. Further pages will incorporate a true interactive facility to enable members to post comments directly and permanently to the respective pages.


2016 Calendars now available to buy…

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2016 PWMN Calendar now available…

The 2016 edition of the Pre-war Minor Network calendar is now available to purchase. This version features images from all six PWMN rallies held to date all of the images being taken by club members. The calendar is spiral bound and printed on 235 gsm card – price is £12.00 including postage and packing costs to UK addresses. To order or to establish an overseas postage price please email