I(s)OTW no.453

By November 12, 2018IOTW

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Designed by Gordon England

It wasn’t until July 1930 that Morris Motors added a two-seater to their Minor range,  a full two years after the model was first launched. They turned to an established coachbuilder for assistance and the Gordon England concern effectively resurrected a design they had first used some 18 months previously on their own ‘England Minor Two-seater’. The similarities are very evident in the photographs to be seen here including the stippled bonnet finish, which on the Morris Semi-Sports was rolled into the bonnet sheet metal, while a matching fabric to that of the body was applied to the bonnet of the England Two-seater. However, the England car was far better appointed in that it was supplied with Moseley ‘Float-on-air’ cushions and an integrated chassis lubrication system among other refinements. The heavily dished steering wheel to be seen on the England Two-seater dates the car to late 1928 or early 1929, making this special one of the earliest to be produced.

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