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2018 POTY to be themed…

By August 26, 2018Headline News

In what is an experiment and an attempt to give the Photograph of the Year competition a little more focus, it is to be themed for 2018. The theme is to be ‘Regional Identity’ which it’s hoped will ensure a variety of backdrops to the images that will eventually make-up the pages of the 2018 PWMN calendar. It will not matter a jot if the shots are clichéd in that the subject matter of car and landscape have been seen previously. The hope being that it may encourage those who have avoided taking part in the competition previously by removing one element of the decision-making process and providing a fixed focus as to location and content. If the past is anything to go by, then we can expect to see some innovative and interesting images as a result. As was the case last year, entrants will be able to submit up to three shots.(Image: Joe Raynor)

(With perhaps two months of the 2018 driving season remaining there is still plenty of time to plan and take your competition entries before the competition proper opens on 1st December)

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