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On road, track and showground…

For many, although by no means all, the reason we buy historic vehicles is for the pleasure we gain from their use. Thankfully, here in the U.K., there are plenty of options and opportunities as to how and when we use them. Large clubs such as the VSCC hold over 40 events annually with a wide geographic spread,  primarily of a sporting and competitive nature, although there are now many more non-competitive events than were available just a year or so ago.  The smaller single model and marque clubs invariably hold national rallies throughout the summer months, while their regional centres schedule local get-togethers and pub meets on a far more frequent basis. Alongside these are the multitude (and very popular) classic car shows organised by villages and town committees throughout the land between April and October. It really would be possible in many cases to attend an old car event every weekend during that period without having to drive too many miles to do so. This page celebrates those owners who make the effort…

New Year's Day 2023

VSCC New Year Driving Tests - Brooklands 29th January

VSCC LC&ES Welsh Weekend 25th & 26th March

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