A 1934 Hobday’s catalogue extract featuring ‘Horns’.

By October 27, 2020News Story

The Hobdays Motor Catalogue was the chosen source of  generic and specialist car parts for countless garages and motor factors throughout the first fifty years of the last century. This is what auction site Worthpoint had to say about their business:

Hobday Brothers Ltd. were wholesalers of bicycle, motorcycle and motor car accessories, established in Shoreditch, London in 1905.  By the start of the 1930’s they also had branches in Wolverhampton and Manchester and offered delivery across the country. The company’s product range had expanded over the years to include electrical equipment, domestic appliances, clocks, and lighting – and even Perambulators and Pedal Cars!

A first PDF extract from their 1934 catalogue has been added to the ‘Everything else’ section (within Technical Bits), featuring five pages of horns!