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A Minor’s tale…

By September 17, 2018Headline News

Frank Higgin’s has owned his 1930 OHC Minor UY 9222 for over 30 years. It’s story is an interesting one as told by Frank himself:  “My Minor (originally a saloon) has been messed about with over the years I believe at one time it had a “replica” glass fibre Edwardian style body! Later it seems that somebody found a rather rusty £100 body patched it up with liberal use of body filler put a home-made exhaust system and a modern (MinI?) carb on it and that was what it was like when I got it. Over the years I have sorted it out and although the body is still a bit scruffy (but most of the filler has been removed!). It has never been restored as such, but just maintained and improved.”