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Brands Hatch M Type…

By December 7, 2021December 8th, 2021Headline News

Year: 1976 Venue: Brands Hatch Here we see 1930 M.G. Midget (MG 703) with Ian Judd at the wheel, circulating around the 2.65 mile circuit during an M.G. Car Club meeting having just passed a six cylinder M.G. KN. His attire that day consisted of “Borrowed helmet, slightly too large. Black rimmed glasses. Leather Safari jacket, waisted, from Village Gate. Trainers, white with black stripes, the latest thing then, from Lillleywhites of Piccadilly. Outrageous flares, tucked into socks. Stringbacked driving gloves. A purple knitted tie completed the ensemble.” With a scuttle mounted petrol tank, his trousers may have lived up to their name had there been any spillage of fuel that day!

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