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Celebrating Coupes II …

By March 9, 2017Headline News

Morris Motors did manufacture a steel bodied Coupe on the long-wheel-base Minor chassis and even had the audacity to include the word ‘Sports’ in its title for the model’s first year of production, subsequently changing its name to a more truthful ‘Special Coupe’ for the 1933 & 1934 seasons.  However not all Minor Coupes were heavyweights and this ‘special’ offering from Hanwell, London coachbuilder A.P. Compton was a ply and fabric skinned car (1931 Minor Arrow Coupe) which invariably provokes a ‘Marmite’ response to its looks from present day afficianados. The car was lavishly equiped and sold for a very reasonable £159. (N.B. The editor likes both Marmite and this car!)

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