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Hornet Specials no.19

By August 8, 2017Triple M corner

1932 Eustace Watkins Daytona Wolseley Hornet Special: Eustace Watkins were the London main dealers for Wolseley cars throughout the thirties decade and significantly contributed to the growth of the Wolseley brand via their ‘special’ bodies fitted to the Hornet chassis.  The majority of these bodies were open sporting types which sold well and in the right hands went on to capture numerous awards at the popular club and national trials then in vogue. The bodies were not constructed by Eustace Watkins and were sub-contracted to the coachbuilding trade, much of the E.W. work going to Abbey Coachworks of Merton and later, Acton. This drawing by ‘Ferguson’ for The Autocar appears on an undated glass plate (LATplate L5613) and depicts a 1932  season model.

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