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Hornet Specials no.20

By September 24, 2017Triple M corner

1931 McEvoy Hornet Special GK 4084 was owned by A. J. Bochaton and appeared in a series of national trials between 1934 and 1936. In this photo, the car is being enthusiastically driven at the MCC’s London-Gloucester Trial (held on 7th December 1935) while climbing a narrow green lane somewhere in the Cotswolds. The Network’s photo archive holds three further images of this car/driver combination and in each photo, the car is trailing a smokey exhaust, which in view of the car’s age, already four years old at this time and its competition pedigree could indicate the need for imminent engine surgery. If that was the case on 7th December 1935 it didn’t hinder Bochaton as he went on to win a first class award for his efforts.

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