Hornet Specials no.23

By November 13, 2017Triple M corner

JHT 400 is an MG Magna engined Wolseley Hornet Special. Originally registered in Birmingham in 1931 as a Wolseley Hornet Saloon (OG 7528) it was initially rebuilt as a plywood bodied trials special in 1936 by owners T.C.G. Butler and C.C. Evans. The car was then campaigned both before and immediately after the Second World War. Evans named the car ‘Ophelia‘ after hearing a comment by a passenger bouncer “Oh, feel your wheels gripping” following its second conversion when the seats and hence more weight was moved further to the rear.  Ophelia and crew achieved some success and notoriety while taking part in many national reliability trials during this period. The first of the three images to be seen here (competition no. 65) was taken in Gypsy Lane during the course of the 1946 Colmore Trial while the Motor Sport snippet caption tells us that OG 7528 was appearing in the 1937 event of the same name. The venue and date are not known for the third image.