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Hornet Specials no.5

By July 3, 2016Hornet Specials

1931 Wolseley Hornet ‘Sunshine-roof’ Coupe

This car is an interloper in that it’s not a Hornet special at all and is in fact a Wolseley factory product. The Wolseley Hornet Coupe was introduced in late April 1931 and was the Wolseley Company’s response to the growing number of Hornet specials being launched by the coachbuilding trade. The two-seater Coupe was priced at £215 and was luxuriously equipped with leather bucket seats, Triplex glass and a sunshine roof along with the standard Hornet fitments of hydraulic brakes and automatic radiator shutters. Duo-tone paint and a large luggage space behind the seats made this model an attractive proposition for those seeking a budget priced, fast, enclosed tourer. (Image via Philip Butland)

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