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Hornet Specials no.8

By November 7, 2016January 13th, 2017Hornet Specials

This is the second factory produced interloper to be described here in the Hornet Specials section. The Wolseley Hornet Semi-Sports was an open two-seater model capable of 66 mph (according to the factory blurb). It was launched in the summer of 1930, just a few months after the April launch of the two saloon variants. Unsurprisingly it looked somewhat similar to the very successful MG Midget in that its flat scuttle was the home to a ‘V’ windscreen while its boat tail had lines that aped that of the Midget. It sold for £198, some £13 more than the Midget but for that owners got an easily erectable hood, hydraulic brakes and a 1271cc six cylinder OHC engine. Although 6000 early Hornets sold between April 1930 and September 1931 the Semi-Sports version features very infrequently in period photographs – suggesting perhaps that it didn’t sell in large numbers. To the editors knowledge none remain today.