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Image of the week 311

By December 2, 2015IOTW

More Snapshots

Two more period images highlighting the first Minor models to be produced. The top image shows a 1930 Surrey registered Tourer (PL ????) on a sandy beach. The carrier bag emblazoned with Cheltenham Industrial Traders Ltd. may provide a clue as to the setting in that its possible that the beach is located the south-west of the country – Weston-Super-Mare would be within day-trip range. Had more of the open door on the Austin Seven van been included in the photo its indecipherable sign writing may have revealed more. The image of a 1930 Bath registered Fabric Saloon (FB 8378)  was found on the Autocar website incorrectly captioned as a 1934 Morris Eight, and was included in a feature celebrating the Morris centenary.

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