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IOTW 316

By December 28, 2015IOTW

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Bournemouth circa 1960

1934 Minor Two-seater CPO 688 is parked up on a busy Bournemouth Street sometime in the late fifties or early sixties. It looks to have been in regular use and its lighting system had been updated to cater for the changes in legislation and increased traffic density that had taken place since the time of its manufacture some 25 years earlier. According to the current DVLA database it looks like this particular car didn’t survive the mass cull of pre-war cars that followed the introduction of the Ministry of Transport’s ‘Ten Year Test’ launched in 1960, about the time this photo was taken.

The Bournemouth Trolleybus system was the second largest in the country according to Wikipedia and at its height ran a fleet consisting of 104 electric powered omnibuses.

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