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IOTW 318

By January 11, 2016IOTW

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Widecome-in-the-moor (again)

This eBay postcard image of a 1931 Minor Semi-Sports features the same location as that depicted in IOTW 305 when the car involved was a 1932 S.V. Two-seater. The building is known as The Church House and was built in 1540, so almost 500 years old. Part of this building serves today as a tourist information centre for this part of Dartmoor. To find out more about the property visit the local parish council website The image was possibly taken later in the thirties as the rear number plate on the Semi-Sports looks to have been changed to a non-standard pattern item, while the other large tourer glimpsed in the image almost certainly had its origins in the twenties. When only 744 Semi-Sports models were produced finding new images of these cars is something of an event.

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