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IOTW no.327

By March 12, 2016IOTW

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1931 Motor Show Minor Saloon

The Minor Saloon was completely revised for the 1932 season. The most significant technical change from the earlier Saloons was the re-positioning of the fuel tank from the front (beneath the bonnet) to the rear of the car. Other styling changes included the adoption of an “eddy-free” front end, which meant that the roof overlap or peak seen on the earlier Coachbuilt Saloons had gone. The doors were now significantly wider and featured both a contrasting coloured inset panel and winding windows. Further changes saw the introduction of new Magna wheels, a longer bonnet and a pretty fluted radiator surround while another significant addition saw the availability of a sliding-head version for the first time – superceding the Kopalapso folding roof seen on the 1930 and 1931 models. The example seen here is the actual 1931 London Motor Show car, the photo in its interim re-touched state prior to the printers removing the unwanted parts of the image.  This photo first appeared in an October 1931 edition of The Autocar and is seen here courtesy of LAT Photographic.

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