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IOTW no.360

By November 23, 2016IOTW

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1931 Minor 5 cwt van

Thanks goes to Kartik Lunia for submitting this interesting image which, according to its caption, was taken on 9th January 1937 in central London.

The stilt-walkers causing the delay to London’s traffic were from Landes in south-western France.  All were shepherds who tended their flocks on the poorly drained heathland soil of the region and who used their stilts to help pick their way through the boggy terrain. It appears that they were on their way to the Royal Albert Hall where they were to perform – we no not what!

The Minor van is interesting. It was first registered in London in the summer of 1931. It’s clearly a SV model as is seen by the upright headlamps and lack of side lights, although at that time both OHC and SV engined types were available to purchase. The ‘by appointment’ coat of arms attached to its roof would indicate that it was perhaps operated by one of the capitals great retailers such as Harrod’s or Fortnum & Mason’s. It’s in remarkably good condition for a commercial vehicle that was almost six years old at the time the photograph was taken.

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