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IOTW no.364

By December 19, 2016December 29th, 2016IOTW

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Head attire in an open car is an important consideration, particularly if the car is driven in all weathers and with the hood down. In the twenties and thirties drivers of competition vehicles were often subject to adverse weather conditions for many hours on end during the course of endurance races and trials. Many drivers used flying helmets in this period, long before the use of crash helmets and as a result fatalities at race meetings were a common occurrence. This elegant flying helmet was also adorned with wind driven wipers on the lenses of the goggles. Now this of course may have been an April fools stunt as the gearing required for the wiper blades to operate at anything other than at a frenetic speed would have been somewhat complex. It’s also interesting to note that the driver is wearing the latest ‘beat’ headphones built into her helmet while the leads are clearly attached to her iPad. Now this may have been a serious attempt at improving visibility for competition drivers but for those of us who know and use Rain X such a contraption is certainly not necessary today. This image can be found in the Getty/Hulton archive and is numbered 613501066.

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