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IOTW no.388

By July 5, 2017July 9th, 2017IOTW

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KP 5624 is a 1929 Minor Fabric Saloon that was at one time owned by Capt. Ian McLeod from Broxbourne in Hertfordshire. It has some notoriety in the Minor world as a well known and rare example of  a saloon being fitted with a supercharged engine. This photograph illustrates some of the changes that Capt. McLeod incorporated when he replaced the original engine with the supercharged unit. Most notably the fuel tank has been moved to the rear of the car – the fuel filler being visible on its flank. The triangular firewall brakets have been removed, although the reason why is not apparent, while the cast aluminium rocker cover is from an M Type Midget. The supercharger is also clearly visible thanks to the raised bonnet. The photo was definitely taken post 1960 as a blue MOT badge can be seen attached towards the top of the windscreen to the nearside. The snow on the ground might indicate the winter of 1962 but that is just conjecture.

NB Ken Martin has subsequently pointed out that the engine installed in KP 5624 looks to be from an MG PB, which with a three bearing crank is longer than the standard Minor unit, hence the re-positioned firewall and lack of triangular fire wall brackets.

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