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IOTW no.398

By September 11, 2017IOTW

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Dutch Rally September 2009

Halbe Tjepkema hosted a Minor centric rally adjacent to The Hague in September 2009. Six of us attended from the U.K. and had a tremendous time over the long weekend. We stayed on Kaag Island and in order to reach our destination it was necessary to negotiate a stretch of Dutch motorway which has a minimum speed limit of 50 mph. On the flat this wasn’t a problem and as much of this part of the Nederlands is very flat indeed and so most of the time we kept within the law. However our fully laden Minors did not like any inclines at all and this brought the wrath of the truckers upon us, but thankfully not that of the police. (This photo wwas taken by Roger Lucke on 12th September 2009)

Chris Lambert

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