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IOTW no.402

By October 8, 2017October 11th, 2017IOTW

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The Semi-Sports Two-seater filled a gaping hole in the Minor line-up when it was first announced in July 1930. At that time the range consisted of just three models, the 1928 launch models of  Fabric Saloon and Tourer which had been belatedly supplemented by a steel-panelled Coachbuilt Saloon, added in the late summer of 1929. The saloons were of course the big sellers for Morris Motors but the coachbuilding trade had spotted the lack of a two-seater model and were successfully selling a wide range of models to those prepared to pay a little more for the individuality these cars offered. One such coachbuilding concern in Wembley (Gordon England) were consulted on the design of the new Morris two-seater, the resultant development car (JO 132) pictured alongside. Produced for just one season, the company built a total of 744 cars over the course of the 1931 model year. (LATplate Red 8648 & Motor 549-3)

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