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IOTW no.489

By August 5, 2019IOTW

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This photo will be familiar to many as it often appears in Google searches for pre-war car images. The car featured is a 1930 Gloucestershire registered MG Midget (DG 4**) and the caption states that the photo was taken “…on the corner of Wardour Street’. If that was the case, was it taken at the Oxford Street or Shaftesbury Avenue junctions? The shot doesn’t look to be posed if the expression of gloom on the face of the passenger is anything to go by or that of weary acceptance by the driver. What was the misdemeanor? Speeding? Very unlikely in view of the traffic and proximity of the junction. Parking? perhaps, although would the officer have waited until the occupants returned to the car? As for the vehicle itself, it looks a little care-worn and has been fitted with non-standard side lights, perhaps pointers indicating that the photo was taken in the middle period of that eventful decade.

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