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IOTW no.490

By August 11, 2019IOTW

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RX 6636

There is nothing at all exceptional about this postcard of a corner of Market Place in Wantage, Berks. A photograph taken today from the same spot would show how little the buildings have changed in the intervening 90 years, although there would be many more cars in shot than just this solitary 1930 Wolseley Hornet saloon, carrying a Berkshire registration RX 6636.  The six cylinder Hornet in all its guises was by far and away Wolseley’s most successful model in the decade running up to the the war and 6000 of these early (CF3) examples were sold in the 18 months they were available. This car may have been owned by the proprieter of Kent & Sons, the furniture and ironmongery store, which was also a place for motorists to fill-up with petroleum spirit.

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