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IOTW no.502

By November 10, 2019November 11th, 2019IOTW

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Family lane-side picnic circa 1930

Period images featuring families sharing a summer afternoon’s picnic alongside their cars are anything but rare. An image search on Google or a trawl through eBay will reveal many of this genre. However, few are as well composed or photographed as this example. Here, the occupants of two cars, perhaps an extended family, have assembled by the roadside to consume their picnic on a beautiful summer day. In the large late twenties saloon (1928 Morris Cowley) sits the matriarch while her kith and kin are seated on the grass around her. The 1929 season Minor Fabric Saloon may be owned by the photographer who has captured this late twenties/early thirties middle-class idyll for posterity. (Image via Ken Martin)

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