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IOTW no.506

By December 8, 2019IOTW

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GN 5195

This snapshot of an early 1931 London registered Minor Coachbuilt Saloon (GN 5195) is another recent eBay purchase. As this OHC Minor was leaving the end of the production line, the very first ‘utility’ SV Minors  were beginning to find customers.  The dilemma facing some prospective Minor customers (and perhaps this one as well) was not just about which engine type to select for powering their new acquisition, but what that final model choice may say about them and their aspirations? Of course model ‘price’ will have been a very significant factor but the prospect of driving a visibly utilatarian model versus a model with chrome ancillaries, bumpers and a (limited) colour choice will have swayed some to find the extra money and buy the OHC version, or perhaps to simply walk around the corner and see what was on offer at their nearest Austin Seven dealer! No heart or head choices to be made there.

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