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I(s)OTW no.525

By April 19, 2020IOTW

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AXV 98

Mike Tebbett forwarded the upper images of 1934 Morris Minor Saloon (AXV 98) along with the following comment “AXV 98, taken by me circa 1971…. Appalling quality, sorry…..This was at a Monmouthsire farm where I bought a vintage Minor in pieces that had been a van. The latter was soon sold on to Rosemary Burke and her husband as I was still student and had no money! AXV seems to still exist, do you know of it? “ Fortunately, the archive holds a series of images of the now re-bodied vehicle, which at that time was located in Scotland and was auctioned on eBay in July 2016. Where it resides now is anyone’s guess?

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