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IOTW no.552

By November 1, 2020IOTW

Unless you are an enthusiast or own classic or vintage cars, it’s doubtful that you would deliberately include a car ‘in shot’  if you were taking a family photograph today. In the thirties, the opposite seems to have been the case. Back then, the family car was captured on film at every opportunity. Here, a ten or eleven year old boy dressed in full school uniform has been posed alongside the family’s 1929 Portsmouth registered Morris Minor Fabric Saloon (TP 7975).  The Minor itself is only noteworthy for its spotlight and non standard horn, although the luck associated with the horseshoe affixed to the radiator may well have been called upon from time to time to compensate for the car’s totally bald front tyres! This damaged snapshot has no caption on its reverse  and was a recent eBay purchase.

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