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IOTW no. 572

By March 28, 2021IOTW

FJ 7579 is regarded as one of just sixteen survivors of the 744 Morris Minor Semi-Sports models that were constructed during the 1931 model season. This photo of the car resides in the Harry Edwards Archive while a note in his register made in 1982 states that the vehicle is M32806 which at that point was in the custody of M. Chamberlayne of Lincs. The DVLA records that the car was last taxed in the spring of 1993. It’s clear from the photo that its body had been rebuilt at some point, although the photo quality is such that it can’t be determined if it has retained its stippled bonnet as originally supplied. There are no 21st century photographs of the car, so let’s hope that it’s still intact somewhere. (Note its lack of running-boards and outriggers)

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