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IOTW no.573

By April 5, 2021IOTW

Here is an interesting eBay sourced snapshot of a 1934 Morris Minor Two-seater (AFY 46), which was a February or March 1934 Southport, Lancs registered car. The garments worn by the two young females would seem to indicate the the photo was taken in the late fifties or early sixties just prior to their departure on a summer holiday. A check in the Harry Edwards maintained hand written register records that this was Minor car number 34/MS/43819. Harry further recounts that his data was extracted from an “album photograph” and that AFY 46 was offered for sale in Classic Car Weekly in June 1999 for £5,500. Although not on a SORN,  a DVLA check reveals that it was last taxed in 2007,  which means that it is still likely to be out there somewhere.

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