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IOTW no.585

By July 4, 2021IOTW

GU 5663 – Now this is an interesting eBay find. This Morris Minor Fabric Saloon was first registered in London in the spring of 1929, despite it missing its ‘Morris’ radiator script, a standard fitment for the model. Thanks to the record keeping of Minor enthusiast Ken Martin we know that a D.J. McLennan took part in the MCC High Speed Trial in a Morris Minor on 14th September 1929. What Ken didn’t know was in which Minor variant McLennan took part. Fortunately, the photograph came with the caption; “Donald McLennan after winning Gold Medal”. As a result his name could be matched to Ken’s list and the gaps filled-in, including the car’s registration details. In addittion, we now know that McLennan wore a suit (with plus-fours) for the occasion and that his Minor carried competition number 15, a small but important detail when researching old Brooklands photographs.


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