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IOTW no.614

By January 31, 2022IOTW

1934 Morris 5 cwt van AEL 98

This image was among the late Mick Worthington-Williams photographic collection, part of which is currently being sold on eBay. The reverse of this relatively modern photograph is captioned “LOT 58 Ixion – 1931 Morris Minor 5CWT Van – D80” That caption is incorrect as the Bournemouth Borough Council registration dates from May 1934  and the vehicle is clearly a 1934 model with its larger body and ‘eddy free’ roof line. A check on the DVLA database revealed nothing at all, which may indicate that the vehicle has been scrapped, sold abroad or may even be languishing in a lock-up somewhere. A delve into the Harry Edward archive provides an ideal caption (to be seen below the photo) and confirms that even Sotheby’s can make mistakes, while Harry misspelt Donington!

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