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IOTW no.635

By July 4, 2022IOTW

This is an official Jensen Motors image of a 1932 season Jensen Minor Special. It’s know that it is a Jensen model as the rear bumper bar is clearly marked thus. It’s also know that RC 300 the McEvoy Minor Minor prototype sits upon chassis no. 7012 which was the 58th 1932 season rolling chassis (as opposed to a complete vehicle) to leave Cowley on 20th October 1931. The Jensen brothers were renown for their body designs and were commissioned by their friend Michael McEvoy to design and produce such a body for his tuned Morris Minor engine. Could one of the 57 earlier chassis to leave Cowley have arrived in West Bromwich prior to 7012? Which raises the possibility that the Jensen Brothers first iteration of their design was ‘badged’ as a Jensen, and that this was the resulting photograph?

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