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IOTW no.658

By December 17, 2022IOTW

The photographer who took this snapshot has not made it easy to determine precisely which model of light car the subject is standing alongside. The man is positioned directly in front of the car’s rear end while his stance blocks the view of the offside back wheel where a glimpse of a hubcap may have provided an important clue. It has many of the hallmarks of a 1929 MG Midget, including the forward opening doors, the shape of the seat back and the curvature of the door top. The depth of the radiator surround and bonnet louvres again shout Midget while the lighting, windscreen glass and steering wheel are definitely not original to a factory M Type. However, the big giveaways are the side-valence louvres which are just about visible, confirming the car to be a MG Midget. Dating the photograph is also not straightforward, although the man’s attire indicates that is was probably taken in the forties or fifties.

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