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I(s)OTW no. 487

By July 22, 2019IOTW

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KR 5670 1930 Minor Fabric Saloon

Thanks to Mike Tebbett for providing this interesting late Fifties or very early Sixties image. It shows what purports to be a 1930 Kent registered Minor Fabric Saloon fitted with a Wolseley Hornet two-tone fabric body. This was a car that in the late Sixties was owned by Olive Willats and driven to Italy and back in a VSCC event. KR 5670 then made a brief re-appearance almost 40 years later on the back of a trailer at the 2005 VMR Rally at Prescott (see 2nd image) where it was offered for sale. It was eventually purchased by Ian Grace in Seattle, USA in 2010 when it appeared on the Vintage Petrol Pump Company’s website. The car was shipped to the USA where it’s reported that a Maltby of Folkstone coachbuilder’s plate was discovered on the door threshold. This photo pre-dates its known history when not only was it the family transport, it was also at a time when petrol pump attendants would check their customer’s tyre pressures!

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