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I(s)OTW no. 491

By August 18, 2019IOTW

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Portmadoc Postcards

These two postcards, both taken in the Thirties, depict what could be considered mundane views of the north western Welsh town of Portmadoc – now Porthmadog. One being taken in Station Road, the other in the town’s High Street. They are at least of some interest to those of us here in that both photos include a Minor. The 1932 Two-seater (FM 7086) parked at a jaunty angle in Station Road was first registered in Chester in late 1931, a town some 70 miles distant. The registration of the 1934 Minor Saloon is indistinct but with around 80,000 Minors on Britains roads at this time they would have been a very familiar site in every town across the country.

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