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I(s)OTW no.493

By September 2, 2019IOTW

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RV 4507 & KLM 932

Yet more eBay sourced snapshot images of a Minor. These shots of 1934 Minor Two-seater RV 4507 were taken post war, the styling  and 1949 London registration of the second car in shot providing the clues. The cars are parked-up outside a rural 1920’s built villa, perhaps in Surrey or Hampshire, the Minor carrying an early 1934 Portsmouth plate. The identity of the second car was something of a revelation, as it is a 1949 Invicta Black Prince KLM 932 of which just six of the DHC version (seen here) were made. The company had manufactured high performance cars in the pre-war years but had ceased trading in 1938.  The marque name was resurrected in 1946 at premises in Virginia Water, Surrey but a total of just 16 Black Prince cars found customers before the business was sold to AFN, builders of Frazer Nash cars and military equipment. Neither car registration is logged on the DVLA database.

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