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I(s)OTW no.513

By January 26, 2020IOTW

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The White Minor (again!)

Thanks to the Harry Edwards Archive, yet more information is now available concerning the post-war history of the White Minor Skinner Special. After it was sold by John Bolster it changed hands on at least six occasions during the late fifties and early sixties. One such owner was a W.G.A. Davies who lived in Shooters Hill in South East London and it’s him we must thank for these interesting photos taken in either 1961 or 1962. At this time the car was fitted with an 1172 cc Ford E93A S.V. engine. As can be seen, the car’s dash panel differs significantly from its pre-war racing days with a motley array of instruments, some from the early thirties and others of later origin. The original Hartford shock absorbers have also gone to be replaced by post war telescopic units. It’s hoped that a future article in the Minor Musings series can fully detail the chronology of the car’s ownership in the post war years.

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