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I(s)OTW no. 559

By December 29, 2020IOTW

Hybrid Minor Saloon.

This scan of a 10 X 8 print, taken from Morris Motors negative 7537, has been in the archive for almost eleven years and raised something of a stir when first published at that time. As received, the photo was found to be mounted on a section of card, upon which were written the words “1929 Morris Minor Saloon”. The car’s body was identical in shape to that of the 1929 Minor Fabric Saloon, with smaller rear side-windows to those seen on the following season’s saloon models. However, this car had a metal paneled lower body with a fabric skin covering everything above the door cheekline. Clearly, the car was a prototype, as no such Minor Saloon ever entered production, which left and still leaves an unanswered question as to its purpose?

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