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I(s)OTW no.582

By June 12, 2021IOTW

WL 6523 is a spring 1929 Oxford built MG Midget, therefore an early production version built prior to the company’s move to Abingdon later that same year. While 1930 season Midgets (and beyond) had cable operated brakes the launch season cars had front brakes that were rod-actuated. To enable a straight run for the rods, the brake cross-shaft penetrated the louvred side valances, this being a key recognition indicator for 1929 models. This particular car also has painted Lucas 1130 side lights while some early Midgets, perhaps the majority, were fitted with plated examples. It’s difficult to ascertain when these images were taken although the poor condition of the car’s fabric skin might indicate that it’s quite some time after its manufacture.

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