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I(s)OTW no.596

By September 15, 2021September 17th, 2021IOTW

A strange co-incidence.

Many of the photographs, primarily the snapshops that appear here, are purchased via eBay, as were the uppermost pair of this trio. These photos, of what could possibly have  been either a homebuilt special MG M Type or a Morris Minor were successfully bid upon and an envelope containing them dropped through the letterbox on 8th September. On the 11th September the colour photo above was taken at the Pre-war Prescott event in Gloucestershire. During the captioning process for the colour image an archive check was carried out (using the vehicle’s registration) to establish if  further information was held digitally. It was, as the two very recently acquired b&w photos appeared along with three others taken at the 2019 PWP event. It has to be said that 1932 MG Midget UF 8788 (now owned by Matt Harnden) looks far healthier in 2021 than it did in the late fifties or early sixties! (PS Restored by Garry Waiting c2005)

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