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I(s)OTW no.673

By April 5, 2023IOTW

Finding images of pre-war Morris Minor specials is not an everyday occurrence. Two of these images have been resident in the Network’s archive for almost two years, while the third (top left) was discovered on eBay very recently. Coventry Motor Sundries built an indeterminate number of Minor Specials between late 1929 and early 1931.  John Grindlay a Managing Director of the company in October 1966 wrote to the Morris Register historian (Harry Edwards) informing him that “about 200” Minor specials were built, although some cast doubt on this figure. These photos are all of the same vehicle LG 4988, a late 1930 Cheshire-registered CMS Morris Minor Super Sports. The top right and lower images are from the late Tim Harding’s collection, while the third (the eBay souced pic) was clearly taken at the same time. Although these images have been separated from one another for some time it’s appropriate that they get to be reunited via our IOTW feature.

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