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It was spring…

By April 1, 2021Headline News

The weather in late March throughout parts of the U.K. has been most unseasonal, with glorious sunshine, and temperatures in the low twenties. Some members, including the owners of these cars have taken the opportunity to get the oil circulating once again around engines that have lain dormant for many months. However, the first few days of April are set to get significantly colder with snow forecast for some on Easter Monday. So this was a case of make hay…

Clockwise: Trevor Wilkinson’s 1934 Minor Two-seater (UN 6979), Adrian Tyldesley’s 1930 Minor Fabric Saloon (FH 7004), Jonathan Barwick’s 1933 Minor Two-seater (RSJ 615) and finally Mick Robert’s 1934 Morris 25 (JT 667)

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