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It’s time to celebrate this car’s achievements!

By January 27, 2017Headline News

The White Minor Skinner Special made its first appearance in the spring of 1934 and over the next three years took part in a number of high profile hill-climb and speed trial events events at Shelsley Walsh, Lewes and Dancer’s End, Berkhampsted. Throughout this period it was driven by Barbara Skinner who won two Shelsley Ladies Cup awards, achieved a class win at the 1934 Lewes Speed Trials while adding a fastest time of the day at the Dancer’s End hill-climb in May 1937.  Perhaps her greatest achievement was made on her debut at Shelsley Walsh in June 1934 when this driver/car combination broke the ladies record outright. Following a long and painstaking restoration by current custodian David Baldock the car is now very close to its original racing condition. To celebrate this achievement a new page has been added to the Member’s Area of the site and can be found via the drop-down menu under the ‘Members’ tab at the top of this page.

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