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The PWMN was established in May 2008 as an internet resource for enthusiasts of the pre-war Morris Minor. The site today is home to some 3000 images, 650 period articles, and much more beside. Amongst the period items are road test reports, vehicle maintenance and technical papers, original brochure images and specifications as well as general feature articles. The website’s pages and Discussion Forum are regularly visited by its 700 members from over 50 countries worldwide.

In early 2009 further pages were created for enthusiasts of the 1929-1932 M.G. 8/33 Midget or ‘M’ Type and the 1930-31 Wolseley Hornet, both models being very close relatives of the Morris Minor. For the future, the Network will strive to grow its internet resource base by continuing  to add relevant material to the site, while also organising events at which fellow enthusiasts can meet and use their cars.

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The PWMN is simply an essential component of the tool kit if you are a Minor owner, an amazing, friendly, comprehensive resource.

Clive Hall