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Passing the Test…

By February 25, 2022Headline News

Seen sitting at the foot of the Brooklands Museum’s Test Hill is 1930 Morris Minor Tourer (DG 325) with owner Clive Hamilton-Gould at the wheel. The photo was taken on 31st January 2016 during the course of the VSCC’s New Years Driving Tests. The Test Hill was first opened in 1909 and continues in use to the present day. The hill is 352 feet in length and has three sections with differing gradients of 1 in 8, 1 in 5 while the top section is a very steep, 1 in 4. The current all-time record of 6.99 seconds is held by Francis Beart who in 1932, when riding a 500 cc J.A.P. engined Grindlay-Peerless motorcyle, averaged 34.55 mph before becoming airborne at the summit parting company with his mount in the process. While no records were broken, Clive successfully piloted ‘DG’ to the summit while remaining closely attached to terra-firma.

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