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Seasonal jaunts…

By January 1, 2023Headline News

T’was the season to be joyful… Plenty of Minor activity over the holiday period captured here in four images from across the U.K. Top left Ali Bond can be seen alongside his 1930 Minor Semi-Sports (IA 9142) on Boxing Day somewhere deep in South Wales. Much further north in Dunoon, Scotland Rick Osborne gave his 1932 Minor Family Eight (OJ 1041) a New Year’s Eve run along a coastal highway. Over 400 miles south-east of Dunoon, in Bardwell,  West Suffolk nine Networkers met up for a New Year’s day natter at the Grumpy Goat, while 170 miles west in Much Marcle, Herefordshire Barry Ashton took his 1932 Minor Two-seater (CAS 688) to the VSCC meet at the Royal Oak.

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