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Special specials…

By February 14, 2022Headline News

There have been many good looking Morris Minor specials and the CMS Super Sports was arguably among the prettiest. It was initially produced as a diversification product by the Coventry Motor Sundries concern, whose core business was the supply of ‘all weather equipment’ to the motor trade. It first saw the light of day in 1929 and was clearly inspired by M.G.’s Midget. This 1930 example (UY 8391)  has an illustrious list of past owners including the late Harry Edwards, along with our own Roger Lucke and Philip Butland. Below is another MG M Type Midget influenced Minor Special (PG 2676).  Currently owned by Paul Gregory and originally assembled in Northern Ireland, the similarities with the CMS are obvious, although its shorter radiator is necessitated by the lower bonnet line of the MG inspired body.

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