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The ultimate Minor?

By February 12, 2017Headline News

On February 8th 1932 George Eyston set a new flying-mile Class H record of 118.39 mph in his ‘Magic Midget‘ on Pendine Sands, South Wales. The electronic timing gear had failed to function earlier that day when EX 127 was hand timed at an even quicker 122 mph. His wind-tunnel tested, streamlined MG was powered by a 750 cc OHC engine, a development of that used in the MG C Types of 1931 which in turn were originally developed from the 1928 Minor power unit and subsequently fitted to the first MG Midget. The March 1932 edition of Motor Sport described the record attempt as “A very wonderful achievement”. (Autocar photoscan courtesy of LAT Images)

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