A brief history

Rank Xerox Copy Bureau commenced business in 1961 as an offshoot of the newly formed Rank Xerox (UK) company, a partnership between the British ‘Rank Organisation’ and the American ‘Xerox Corporation’. Rank Xerox Copy Bureau provided a showcase for the parent company’s products, bringing the latest reprographics technology within reach of all business, large and small via its retail Copy Bureau units which by the beginning of the seventies had spread across the UK.

By the eighties, there were over 40 such copy centres and non-retail production units turning out hundreds of thousands of printed pages per day in a profitable and successful business of almost 300 people. By the middle eighties, the retail units were re-branded as Rank Xerox Copy Centres which by the nineties had been abbreviated to Xerox Copy Centre or XCC for short. In the early part of that decade, the parent company introduced a new concept of on-site print management for businesses, which they entitled Xerox Facilities Management. This was an attractive proposition for many commercial concerns as it enabled them to focus on their key activities leaving the management of their internal-print to the XFM team on site.

By now Xerox Copy Centre (or XDC Xerox Document Centres as the shops and the business segment were now called) was an integral part of Xerox Business Services at a time when the high street retail arm was becoming a less significant part of the Xerox business model. In 1995 the truncated chain of remaining XDC’s was offered for sale by the parent company and sold to The Color Company.

This webpage hopefully serves as a memory-jogger for those who worked in the Xerox Copy Centre business throughout the eighties and early nineties, this being the company’s most successful period. However, as can be seen, it wasn’t all hard work …

If you have any recollections, memorabilia, photographs or just anecdotes from this period please forward it/them to me at info@prewarminor.com or use the form at the bottom of the page and I will add your content.

Chris Lambert – December 2017

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